Promotion of accounts in social networks, search for new visitors, getting comments from real people – these and other tasks can be solved with the help of the XENOM project. This is an operating service to promote groups, publics, accounts and to advertise blogs.


What is XENON?


This project differs from those previously offered for advertising on the Internet. XENOM is a platform where the site owner can find a specialist who is ready to perform a specific task with a predetermined budget.


XENOM differs from conventional online marketplaces with such features as:


    1. A complete ban on the automation of order execution. We ban those who connect robots to our system. The only robot here belongs to us. And it eliminates everyone who violates the rules.

    2. Verifiable result. Orders are paid only upon the work completion. Payment unit is our internal currency. We monitor the accuracy of order execution and cooperate only with those contractors who want to earn on the Internet honestly

Our robot X-Bot monitors the execution of tasks and distribution of tokens. Tokens received by banned accounts are not returned to the system. The price of the internal token will increase.


How XENOM may help?


It will solve such problems as:

• advertising of VK groups, instagram profiles, websites or blogs by attracting live people and developing their sincere interest in the content;

• assistance in promotion of resources of both customers and contractors;

• earning due to the token robot – a virtual currency created within the system;


The application of X_BOT eliminates fake attendance, since the robot monitors the reality of subscriber accounts, authenticity of comments and other notes.

LET US INTORDUCE THE X - BOT Telegram bot with built-in artificial intelligence

You may earn easily with the help of my robot!


X-BOT is a telegram bot with built-in artificial intelligence.


Do you like to hang out in social networks?


You may get valuable XSOM tokens for likes, views and subscriptions.


If you have your own blog, project or channel – the bot will help you gain an audience of real, active and live subscribers!


Do you need views, likes or comments? With X-BOT you will get what you want in a short time and without extra costs.


The robot trained by me, using the ESCROW tool, will provide security and transparency of the transaction.



*The contractor will receive a reward only upon the execution of contractual terms.


*The advertiser will be able to start the campaign only by making a deposit.


*The team will receive a percentage of the transaction only after its completion


X-BOT controls the execution of tasks and distributes the reward itself.


Come to the robot right now, be one of the first and be in time to invite friends!





You will be able to attract a significant number of "live" audience in the shortest possible time and we will help you!

Money-saving due to direct contract with the contractor and a minimum commission in X-bot

No risks.

Your entire advertising campaign will be conducted through the ESCROW smart contract, which means that the robot takes payments for the tasks only upon their accomplishment. Developers do not have access to your funds.

Freedom to choose instruments.

In X-bot you can choose not only the advertising platform (Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, VK, etc.), but also (as well as) the type of task (like, video, comment, subscription), and even contractors' GEOGRAPHY and gender.




 For the invitation of new users, you will be charged 3% reward for each task performed by them.

All payments for completed tasks will be accumulated in your wallet. You may decide what to do with them: accumulate, display on the stock exchange or become an advertiser and promote your project.

Mobility. You may earn anytime and anywhere.

 You will get valuable XSOM tokens visiting your favorite social networks and performing simple actions that you did yesterday for free.

You will be able to become a part of the project, invite advertisers and earn even more.

The XCOM token is an investment tool, you will have the opportunity to make excellent money on the fluctuations of the exchange rate.

Strong community! You may become a part of the new community now and get maximum support.


It doesn't matter what you knew yesterday..

The world changes.

It doesn't matter what you do...

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer every day.

Today, only 1% of the world's population owns 80% of our planet's wealth.

It doesn't matter what you want...No one will share it with you just like that.

It doesn't matter how you feel...

You'll have to work hard for pennies...

Is that so?  Or is there another Way?


 Information and technology is the key to success, the key to wealth and prosperity. People having information and using it in time - control the world.


I'm Xenom.


I came from the future and I can change your life!

 I'll give you my robot to communicate with.

It will help you to take a few simple steps and will open the way to well-being.


You just need to register with the robot, perform simple tasks, watch videos, like, write comments on social networks, get information, think, change yourself and help your friends.


The robot will provide you with:


*The ability to receive real cryptocurrency for simple actions in social networks.

*Referral system. You can earn even more by sharing information with friends.

*Information about the most interesting projects in the crypto world.

*Community support. Only together we will be able to take our place in the sun.

I will give you opportunities, and you may take them and be one step ahead...

Enter the robot by the link in the description and get valuable coins right now


Simple tasks!

Real money!

Advanced technology!

Strong community!

XENON - The Future is here!



Name:  XENOM

Symbol:  XSOM

Blockchain:  Waves

Contract address:

The XSOM token has been created based on the

waves blockchain platform.

It is used for payments in X_BOT and exchange between users and advertisers.


WHY THE RATE OF xsom TOKEN WILL GROW? We will burn tokens frozen in the wallets of inactive users who have received a ban for violating the rules. For example: for the creation of fake accounts, attempts to introduce spam bots and the like actions. Such burning leads to a decrease in the number of tokens and, accordingly, to an increase in their price. The XSOM token is used in a live advertising project as the main mean of payments and guarantees between the parties. Constantly growing demand for X-BOT robot services and, accordingly, for the XSOM token. To order advertising in the robot, the advertiser must buy a token at the market price. Taking into account the fact that the cost of tasks is fixed in the fiat currency, and attempting to save in the future, the advertiser can buy tokens in advance, thus, pushing the price up.
Released: - 21 000 000 XSOM Token distribution: - 60% Payouts in X-Bot - 20% Listing on IEO - 20% Team and development
Q2 Q3 Q4
• Project concept creation • White paper development • Road map development • X-BOT telegram bot creation • Robot testing • Robot launch • Website creation • Issue of XSOM token • Listing • Creation of telegram games based on XSOM blockchain • First “burning” of a part of XSOM tokens


Vyacheslav Dzyhman

CEO &Co-Founder

Sergey Levchenko

CSO & Co-Founder

Vadis Sabirov

Desinger & Co-Founder

Konstantin Osipov

Producer & Co-Founder

Konstantin Lazukin

Technical Team Lead

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